Conditions of Use


§ 1. General provisions

The shop is an ownership of a companyMaXXaM Sp. z o.o., of subject written down in the National Court Register by Regional Court in Kielce at the number: KRS 0000416338, with the registered office: 29-145 Secemin, ul. Partyzanów 10A, with registered taxpayer of Value Added Tax (VAT) at the number of the tax identification VAT ID: PL5730118656, Regon Number: 150874435.

§ 2 Placing orders

1. Finding prices of goods oneself in the shop are net prices and quoted in Polish currency, the euro and American dollars. Quoted prices don't include postages.

2. Orders can be folded via the shop, over the phone or with e-mail road.

3. Behind the agency of the shop and the e-mail road it is possible to place orders twenty-four hours a day, 7 days during the week all through the year. Over the phone from pn-pt in 7.00-14.00.
4. So that a placed order via the shop is fulfilled a due filling of an order form and giving data essential to effect the dispatch of ordered goods are correct, essential.
5. After placing an order by the Customer, he will receive the automatic response from the shop confirming accepting an order.
6. The time of commencing the completion of an order is corresponding to the moment of the influence of the payment to the bank account given in confirming ordering in the case payment by the transfer or the moment of effecting ordering in case of the payment with the card or choice of the option cash on delivery. In the event that ordered goods are in a warehouse, the completion of an order amounts to 3-4 working days from the date of confirming him. Goods are being delivered by post Polish, of the GLS courier or the UPS courier. the VAT invoice will be sent along with the parcel.
7. Every offered product in the shop dates from the legal source, is brand new and has an original packaging.

§ 3 Costs and the date of the shipping

1. The letter (parcel) is being sent up to the forwarding address indicated in an order form. The shop will inform the customer immediately of an order form improperly filled in which making the dispatch is making impossible or can delay it.

2. The parcel is delivered according to the given date in § 2 of pt 6, it is approximate delivery time and he is regarding orders with the option of the parcel "cash on delivery". At choice of the option of the payment "bank transfer" or "payment by the card or the online transfer" until given above, one should add the time of posting funds to the banking account of the shop.

3. A buyer is covering postages. The amount of fees is made conditional on the type of transport and the manner of payment. The customer can read the price list at any time clicking into the link on "Shipping Estimate" after adding the product to the cart.

§ 4 Payments

1. Every certified transaction is a receipt or a VAT invoice.
2. The payment behind ordered goods can take place cash on delivery (at the receipt of goods), behind the agency of the system of electronic payments or the transfer to the bank account of the shop.
3. Payment 14, 21 and 20 days is possible for Customers regularly effecting the shopping in our shop. It is dependent from the size of monthly transactions.

§ 5 Procedure of the return and the customer complaint

1. If any irregularities of the type will appear: mechanical damages of the package (in it and of goods), one should demand the damage from the supplier of the parcel of drawing up a protocol. One should immediately report the existing event and to send the copy of the minutes of the damage to the company MaXXaM Sp. z o.o.
2. In case of the incompatibility of goods from ordered to notify over the phone or through the e-mail the company MaXXaM Sp. z o.o.

§ 6 The privacy policy and the protection of personal data

1. Personal details

Along with approval of regulations the customer is giving consent so that the shopkeeper processes his personal details in accordance with the act from 29.08.1997 about the protection of personal data (D. U. 2002r. No. 101, pos. 926 as amended), essential for the implementation process of the service and marketing objectives. Simultaneously the Sender is entitled to a right to inspect and of correcting its personal details.
Unabridged personal details you will have to (to give to a) in case of placing an order in our shop (provided earlier you didn't register the own account, in this case data for the order will be downloaded from this account) - they will be necessary in the destination of his realization.
Personal details accessible to us of our Customers in no way are made available or sold to persons or the third companies.

2. Newsletter

The part of the shop, responsible for the registration of newsletter and de-registering from it, appropriately is protected so that there is no possibility unauthorized of for her using (write/remove of person which doesn't want it).

3. Marketing mailing

We are reserving the right to send not announced e-mail messages, for persons which their accounts registered with our shop (this point isn't regarding remaining of our customers, placing orders without the registration of the account in the shop). E-mailing he can contain both information, bezposrednio applying activities of our shop (e.g. promotions, novelties in stock), as well as the ones not connected with it (of e.g. wishing). He can also contain contents prepared by our business Partners.

We want to emphasize that we are making every effort the e-mailing not to be for our Customers troublesome, we are limiting his volume and we are only sending him when it is necessary. Every such a letter contains also a special link, enabling rezygację from more distant of receiving them unnecessarily of liquidation of the account registered with the shop.

§ 7 Final provisions

1. In unsettled matters with this Regulations provisions of the civil code are applicable, Acts from 02.03.2000 about the protection of some consumer rights and about the responsibility for the damage caused by the dangerous product.
2. Towards consumers disputes arising in relation to applying this Regulations and the agreements entered into with the performance, will be considered by the competent Court according to provisions on the businesslike and local property in accordance with the act from 17.11.1964 Code of Civil Procedure (Journal of Laws No. 43, pos. 296 as amended).
3. The shopkeeper is reserving the right to implement changes for himself with the reservation that changes towards consumers won't be were applicable to this Regulations at your service being in the course of the performance and will be in force after 30 days from informing the Customer via e-mail.
4. Date of publishing regulations 28.05.2012

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